Dr. Oestreich

Dr. George Oestreich

Dr. Oestreich is providing key, strategic consulting targeting public and private sector healthcare issues including health information technology, decision support, program design and care coordination policy development. A major interest is developing transparent, integrated patient care management and coordination solutions into current practice workflow. He has unique and comprehensive experience in pharmacy benefit design coupling integrated pharmacy services into mainstream care coordination and service delivery.

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Expert advice for pharmacy, pharmacy practice issues and coordination of care through health transitions for both public and private venues

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G.L.O. and Associates is a general healthcare consulting group.  We have been in business over 10 years.  Our primary area of focus is public sector delivery of healthcare across all delivery silos.  We have a wealth of expertise in Medicaid program design and management.  Our areas of interest and expertise include the integration of information technology and the implementation of care management programs.  We also have extensive experience in pharmacy related issues, both private and public sector. These span single silo issues such as prior authorization, longterm care support and maximum allowable costs programs to more complicated integration of care management issues and their pharmacy interface.

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When payers design healthcare benefits it is imperative to keep the patient’s total healthcare and transitional healthcare needs needs in focus.

George L. Oestreich, PharmD, MPA